Enable Windows Aero desktop while using Beyond TV 4.x's ViewScape
Posted by Michael Bui on 07 February 2007 02:35 PM


Beyond TV 4.x's ViewScape disables Windows Aero desktop while running in Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7.


By default, Beyond TV 4.x's ViewScape will disable the Windows Aero desktop feature. Once you exit the ViewScape, the feature will be re-enabled. If you would like to run the Windows Aero desktop while using Beyond TV 4.x's ViewScape, please perform these steps:
  • Shut down Beyond TV's ViewScape.

  • Open up the Web Admin by right-clicking on the Beyond TV icon in the system tray and then choose Advanced Settings.

  • Once the Web Admin opens, click on "Advanced Settings" then "ViewScape Settings"

  • Scroll down to the Disable Aero and change the value to "No"

Beyond TV's ViewScape interface, and Windows Aero, will now both function properly. Please submit a ticket if this issue persists.

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