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Audio without video during playback in Beyond TV's Viewscape or in Beyond Media
Posted by - NA - on 28 December 2005 07:52 AM


User receives audio, but no video, in full-screen or windowed modes. The cause of this may be one of three things: 1) Beyond TV and Beyond Media are designed to work with the newest drivers available for your video card. If you do not have the most recent drivers installed, you may get not have video when watching Live TV or recordings in the Windowed or Full Screen Interfaces. 2) In addition, if you are outputting to a multiple display system (i.e. 2 monitors, monitor and TV), Beyond TV and/or Beyond Media may not display a picture if you output it to your secondary display device. 3) Finally, if the hardware acceleration settings for your display device are too low or too high, it may cause this problem.


1) In order to confirm this problem, open a recording in Windows Media Player. If playback occurs with proper audio and video, you will need to install the most current drivers for your video card to resolve this issue.

Access the website of your video card manufacturer, and download and install the most recent drivers for your card.

2) Configure the display you are using for Beyond TV as your primary display via CONTROL PANEL --> DISPLAY --> SETTINGS (tab), or by using the video card configuration software installed with the video card drivers (if available).

3) Go to CONTROL PANEL --> DISPLAY --> SETTINGS (tab) --> ADVANCED (button) --> TROUBLESHOOT (tab). Note the "hardware acceleration" slider. If it is set very low (to the left), nudge it up a setting. If it is set very high (to the right), nudge it down a setting. This may enable the proper display of windowed or fullscreen modes.

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